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Upcoming Courses to Build Your Resume

Adding to your skill set or upgrading your current abilities are excellent ways to advance your career or start a job in a new field. 

Career growth and skill-building opportunities can be found in several places, whether through on-the-job training, an internship or apprenticeship, or accessing courses in your free time. 

Courses can be a great development tool, and the First Nations Technology Council and Hecate Strait Employment Development Society are two places to learn skills and open up new career paths.

Take a look at some training options that are coming up shortly.

Training at First Nations Tech Council

The First Nations Technology Council is an Indigenous-led group that helps First Nations across BC acquire digital skills at no cost. They offer several courses, including:

  • Digital Transformation Foundations: This course is for anyone interested in using digital technologies in everyday life or work. You'll learn about digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation. You'll also see how these changes impact First Nations communities in storytelling, language, art, education, health, and business.

  • Digital Transformation Focus: This course goes deeper into digital transformation projects. You'll learn how to start a project, plan it, and make it work within your community.

  • Foundations Exploratory Foundations: This course covers computer basics, web development, digital marketing, software testing, and more. It's for anyone considering wanting a career in the tech industry.

  • Intro to Web Development Foundations: This course is for those interested in web development. You'll learn the basics of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, as well as how to build and design websites.

Training at Hecate Strait Employment Development Society (HSEDS)

Hecate Strait helps job-seekers, newcomers, employers, and new entrepreneurs with various programs and training. Training through the Society does come at a cost, but these skills can be worth the investment. Upcoming courses through HSEDS include:

  • Standard First Aid CPR-C with AED: This course teaches emergency response skills that are valuable in many jobs.

  • Level 2 Asbestos Abatement Safety: This course shows you how to safely handle hazardous materials, which is important for construction and renovation work.

  • Power Saw Operator Training: This course is essential for construction, forestry, and maintenance jobs. It teaches you to use power tools safely.

  • Superhost Foundations of Service Quality: This is great for anyone in hospitality or customer service, who wants to provide guests with a terrific experience.

  • Mental Health First Aid: This course teaches you how to support people in mental health crises in the workplace.

More Training Leads to More Opportunities

Jobs requiring digital and tech skills are growing fast. By taking these courses, you can gain valuable skills to help you get a job in many fields, like digital marketing, web development, and tech support. Additionally, there is always demand for skilled workers in the trades, hospitality, and more.

Learning new skills improves your job prospects and helps the community grow and become more self-sufficient. Taking courses to expand your expertise can also help you discover a career you love that's close to home.

Good luck with your future training!


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