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Acquiring Knowledge and Developing Skills So Members Can Succeed and Give Back to the Community

Education is a key part of preserving our cultural heritage and passing on our traditions, but schooling happens outside the classroom as well. Children in the community are given the opportunity to interact with Elders regularly around traditions such as seasonal food harvests and feasts. This is one of the most important ways traditional knowledge is passed down from generation to generation.  

Plenty of educational opportunities are available for Gitga’at members. Whether it’s elementary or secondary education, the Nation offers plenty of opportunities to play, learn, acquire skills, preserve traditions, and help build the community.


When it comes to post-secondary education, members also have opportunities as well. For those interested in the trades several training programs are available that lead to everything from an entry-level job in the trades to an apprenticeship. 


For those interested in pursuing a post-secondary degree or diploma, remote learning technologies have made giant leaps in the past decade, and members can enroll as distance learning students at a post-secondary institution of their choosing in BC or beyond.

Hartley Bay School

The Hartley Bay School is a public educational institution that offers grades 1–12 to approximately 36 students. As part of school district 52 (Prince Rupert), the school has access to standard teaching and learning materials offered by the BC Ministry of Education. Beyond the classroom, the Nation encourages children to interact with Elders as much as possible to ensure that important cultural traditions are preserved and passed down. 

Training Opportunities

The Gitga’at Development Corporation (GDC), the Nation’s economic development arm, has joint venture arrangements with a variety of partners in various industries. This opens the door to employment opportunities for members with a strong work ethic. 

Industries that members can choose to enter may include forestry, marine, energy, environmental, construction, and more.

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