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Policies & Bylaws to Ensure a Safe and Secure Community

Post Secondary Education Policy

Every year, funding for post-secondary education for Gitga’at members is provided through a funding agreement between Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada and the Gitga'at First Nation. 


Although the cost of post-secondary education is subsidized, it should not be considered a replacement for wage-based employment for students to support themselves financially. Motivated and hard-working students are encouraged to pursue post-secondary education to improve their skills, knowledge, and career prospects.

A Strong Community

The Gitga’at First Nation has persisted despite some major challenges including Canadian residential schools, a ban on feasting and potlatching (1885-1951), and social welfare legislation that resulted in the removal of Indigenous children from their families, and the threat of regional energy development. Going forward, the Nation is focused on protecting its cultural and natural heritage, while ensuring that new generations can thrive. 

Several programs are in place to achieve these objectives including an Indigenous-led environmental monitoring program (the Gitga’at Guardians), local eco-tourism economies, aquaculture, collaborative research with diverse academic communities, and a community newsletter (Amhaw Gitga’at).

Gitk’a’ata leadership welcomes opportunities that support the self-determination of the Gitk’a’ata people. Whether that’s an economic development opportunity or new media literacy programs at the local high school, you are welcome to contact Gitga’at administration with any questions or opportunities.

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