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Governing Body for the Gitga’at First Nation

The Leadership Council for our Nation includes one elected Chief, four elected councillors, and a Chief from each of the Ganhada (Raven), Gisbutwada (Killer Whale), and Laxskiik (Eagle) clans. Together, these individuals are responsible for ensuring the continued sustainability of our lands, waters, culture, and community.


Chief and Chief Councillor

Bruce has been a proud community member serving as a leader for years. He currently manages the Gitga’at Guardian team and lives in Hartley Bay.

Bruce carries full knowledge of the territory and engages and reviews marine safety, and always encourages education for our youth.


Laxskiik (Eagle Clan)

Simone, or Gwa Lag, is the director of the Gitga’at Oceans and Lands Department (GOLD). With an education in social work, Simone dreams of better connections with neighbouring communities and improved mental wellness for all Gitga’at people.


In her role with GOLD, she works with the Guardians, a science director, environmental officers, and other contractors.


Under her leadership, GOLD collaborates with the Health Station and other teams to provide food harvesting opportunities for community members under the direction and supervision of Hereditary and Elected Leadership.


Member of Gisbutwada (Killer Whale) and Laxskiik (Eagle) Clans

Cameron has lived his entire life in Hartley Bay and the Gitga'at territory. He is a hereditary speaker for his chief, Wah Modum, and holds a teaching degree and Masters of Education from Simon Fraser University.

He has held an elected position for the Gitga'at Nation for several terms and is very passionate about Gitga'at norms, beliefs, and values. He is an avid harvester who is also involved in various commercial fishing sectors.

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Laxskiik (Eagle Clan)

Chantal is a proud Ts'msyen from Hartley Bay living in Prince Rupert. Eagle is her Clan, and Txat Gwaltk is her house. Her mother is Lorraine Bolton, and her father is Anthony DeLorey. Hector DeLorey and Edward Bolton were her grandfathers, Emily Ismond was her grandmother, and Susan Bolton was her other grandmother. 



Chantal has had many years of education and work experience in Health Care. She has been a part of the PR Ground Search and Rescue, PPR- Civic Pride, Coaching the CHSS Wrestling Team, organizing many events, and being a mother to two beautiful children, Hunter and Cora. As her first time as a council member, she is keen to learn and grow through her passion for the community. A proud Tsm’syen, she loves our people and is passionate about Gitga'at culture. She has learned Gitga'at culture from sitting with many of our elders and asking questions. She plans on being a lifelong student trying to preserve their teaching and carry them on to her children.


Marven lives in Hartley Bay and has owned and operated his tourism business, Gitga’at Spirit Tours, for over 15 years in the Great Bear Rainforest.


A Gitga’at Guardian Watchman, and advocate for the environment, animals, and their habitats, Marven is an expert on Gitga’at territory.  In addition to his work in tourism and environmental monitoring and protection, Marven also has tremendous knowledge and skill in the forestry sector. 

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