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New Indigenous Entry Level Skilled Trades Positions

Are you an Indigenous Woman, Two-Spirit, Transgender, and/or Gender-Diverse Individual? Are you looking for a new career?

Please a join us for an information session on Red Seal apprenticeship opportunities in your area and learn how you can gain valuable trades experience through on-the-job training. Join us for an upcoming 15 min information session via zoom to learn more about starting a new career in the Skilled Trades

What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is industry-based training that allows students to learn a trade through a combination of on-the-job and in-classroom training. In NWAC’s NAP, apprenticeships will only be offered in Red Seal classified trades.

NWAC’s NAP gives you access to:

✓ A job board with a variety of apprenticeship opportunities.

✓ Employers who prioritize diversity and inclusion.

✓ Transferable skills that allow you to work anywhere.

✓ Opportunities to work in high paying, in-demand, and secure job fields, with the opportunity for self-employment.

About the Program: The Native Women’s Association of Canada’s National Apprenticeships Program connects Indigenous women, Two Spirit, transgender, and gender-diverse people with paid apprenticeship opportunities in the

trades. Our program was developed to facilitate Red Seal apprenticeship opportunities with companies who share our view that women’s economic empowerment is vital in reconciliation.

Kick-start your career as you gain experience in some of Canada’s most in-demand fields!

For more information on our program please visit - Apprentices - NWAC-NNAP (

Email Lauralea Eldridge or Ashlee Larose


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