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Need Funding For Your Post-Secondary Studies?

If you are a member of a First Nations community, funding may be available for your post-secondary education. Your Band, Nation, or community might provide the funds for specific programs, or they may come from another organization.

Here is an overview of the programs that may be a good match for your educational needs.

Adult Upgrading Grant

If you are a First Nations student taking high school upgrading courses at a public college or university, this may be the program for you. The Adult Upgrading Grant assists with tuition, fees, books, supplies, transportation, and unsubsidized childcare.

Student Aid B.C. (SABC)

SABC offers a combination of grants, loans, and other financial aid programs to B.C. residents, including First Nations members with a demonstrated need to supplement the costs of post-secondary education.

Provincial Tuition Waiver Program

This program supports B.C. students who were youth in care who are now studying full-time or part-time at a B.C. public post-secondary institution, Native Education College, or one of 10 trades training centres.

Indigenous Peoples in Trades

Indigenous Peoples in Trades runs various programs to support Indigenous youth and adults interested in a career in the skilled trades.

Indigenous Emergency Assistance Fund

The Indigenous Emergency Assistance Fund provides financial assistance for students experiencing unexpected financial emergencies that may impact their ability to finish their studies.

Irving K Barber British Columbia Scholarship Society

The society offers scholarships for First Nations, Métis, or Inuit students pursuing post-secondary education in B.C.

Aboriginal Learning Links

This program provides various resources for any First Nations, Métis, and Inuit learners wishing to pursue or continue post-secondary studies and training in British Columbia. Topics and links include planning your education, paying for school, on-campus resources, child care, housing, and information for former children in care.

New Relationship Trust

This program provides scholarships and bursaries at the Bachelor, Master's, and Doctorate levels, as well as targeted training opportunities.


This national First Nations-led registered charity offers bursaries, scholarships, and awards annually for Indigenous students. They have some fantastic success stories, and it's worth checking out their website.

Government of Canada's Indigenous Bursaries Search Tool

This valuable resource lists over 750 bursaries, scholarships, and incentives available for First Nations students across Canada.

Other Bursaries & Scholarships

There are other financial awards available that do not require repayment. Each university or college has different programs available. Contact the Indigenous Services or Financial Aid centres at the college or university you plan to attend or your local Nation's office for more information.

Funding Can Provide Opportunities

Post-secondary training and education become more accessible when there is funding in place. Take advantage of the programs, scholarships, and bursaries available to advance your career and open yourself to more opportunities.

Learn more about each program here:


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