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Introducing Coastal Nations Fisheries (CNF)

This united effort by many Nations aims to conserve fish and other marine resources while providing an opportunity for communities.

The Setting

The traditional waters of the Great Bear Rainforest have sustained communities and supported the way of life of multiple First Nations for millennia. As the foundation of local culture, language, and livelihoods, the North and Central BC Coast waters are a cultural and ecological treasure.

Conserving marine resources while enabling the development of economic growth opportunities has become an important consideration for leaders. As a solution, several Nations came together to form Coastal Nations Fisheries (CNF).

What is CNF?

CNF is a fisheries alliance between eight North and Central Coast First Nations, including GFN. Its purpose is to enable a commercial and community-level fishing industry that will create economic development and employment opportunities.

Who Owns CNF?

As a transformative fishing company, Coastal Nations Fisheries is collaboratively owned by eight First Nations—Gitga’at, Gitxaala, Haida, Heiltsuk, Kitasoo Xai’xais, Metlakatla, Nuxalk, and Wuikinuxv. Each Nation is committed to preserving marine resources, including fish such as salmon, to sustain their communities for all future generations, just as they have since time immemorial.

How It Works

All eight Nations are shareholders in the parent company. Each Nation operates its community-based fishery (CBF) at the regional level. The Alliance provides financial support for purchasing vessels, equipment such as netting and licenses, and quota and training.

CNF: 4 Main Pillars

The CNF alliance has four main functions:

Capacity Building

Capacity building refers to increasing members’ ability to participate in commercial and community-based fisheries. It is a priority for all member Nations.

Sustainable Management

Each shareholder Nation has extensive local knowledge about fishing. CNF uses a combination of traditional resource management practices with research-based methods backed by science to maintain thriving populations of important species, including salmon, halibut, seaweed, and shellfish.

Commercial and Community-Based Fisheries

The difference between commercial and community-level fisheries is the size of the operation. Commercial fisheries tend to have larger vessels and can travel further for the best opportunities. Community-based fisheries are more locally based and are part of traditional resource harvesting practices.

Financial Assistance

Eligible Nations and members can apply for financial assistance through CNF to pursue training, work, and business opportunities in commercial and community-level fisheries.

New Opportunities Await

The CNF alliance will open up access and opportunities for members from each Nation to make fishing their way of life.

Learn more by visiting the CNF website:


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