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Gitga’at Holiday Activities List

This year there will be plenty of fun holiday activities happening in Hartley Bay and Prince Rupert that may include a community cookie exchange, community parties, a Santa visit, and ringing in the new year.

A List of Holiday Member Events

Here are some of the activities happening this holiday season in Hartley Bay:

Dec 1 – Hartley Bay School family craft night

Dec 2 - Tree lighting skate night

Dec 7 – Gingerbread making night

Dec 9 – Community ham and roast dinner

Dec 10 – Prince Rupert Gitgaat Membership kids party with Santa

Dec 11 – Guardians are picking up Santa, who crashed in Malsey Bay

Dec 12 – Adult craft night Dec 13 – Kids will be caroling in the community Dec 14 – Staff party Dec 18 – Prince Rupert Gitga’at Membership Adult Christmas Dinner Dec 22 – Cookie baking for Santa Dec 25 – Xmas party and naming winners of home lighting contest Dec 28 – Pancake breakfast Dec 31 – Ring in the new year Jan 1 – New Years games/concert

A Few Tips for Making Your Holiday Outings Memorable

As the social season kicks off, make sure you’re planning for successful outings and events. Here are some of the things to think about before heading out the door:

Dress for the Cold

With festive occasions in mind, it’s important to remember how to be comfortable outside with increasing enjoyment. Whether members are playing in the snow, checking out festive lights, attending a party, going for a walk, or a boat ride, it’s important to remember to dress for the weather.

Bring Friends or Family

The holidays can be lonely for some, and they can also induce seasonal stress or depression. Stay connected with your community, and reach out to those around you. Community and social events can help bring people together and offer much-needed support.

Cultivate Gratitude

The holidays can come with a lot of pressure. Between hosting, gift-giving, a busy social calendar, and more, feeling grateful may not fall on the holiday to-do list. Expressing gratitude to others and the good things in your life makes your holidays much more pleasant. Research shows those who cultivate gratitude tend to have lower blood pressure, a lower risk of depression and anxiety, and all-around better well-being.

Make Memories this Season

The holidays go by so quickly. Make sure you take the time to enjoy social gatherings, annual traditions, and celebratory meals.

Wishing you all the best this holiday season!


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