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Exploring GOLD's Role Within Gitga'at Territory

Do you know about the work the Gitga'at Oceans and Lands Department (GOLD) is responsible for? It is essential to keeping the territory's lands and waterways safe. For any projects or activities that can impact the Nation's natural resources, the stewards at GOLD will have a say.

GOLD manages and protects natural resources on land and in the ocean to be used sustainably, ensuring they're available for future generations.

The Components that Make GOLD Successful

GOLD aims to look after Gitga'at territory. They do this with a combination of factors and players.

Gitga'at Marine Use Plan (MUP)

The Gitga'at MUP advises what can happen in the ocean, like where different activities can occur and how to care for the plants and animals there. It helps ensure smart and responsible use of the ocean's resources so members can enjoy them long-term.

Gitga'at Land Use Plan (LUP)

The Gitga'at LUP advises what can happen on the land in the Gitga'at territory. It covers many things, like how Gitga'at should use the land for industry, ceremonies, and harvesting. The plan helps balance tradition with modern ways of managing the land—simultaneously promoting Gitga'at culture and caring for the environment.

Working Together

To make the MUP and LUP, the Gitga'at leadership council, stewardship staff, and other community members work together. This way, the Nation can ensure that the plans align with Gitga'at values and culture. By combining community knowledge with other experts, GOLD can handle the challenges of managing and protecting the territory in the best way possible.

Gitga'at Guardians

The Gitga'at Guardians are a special group that helps take care of the territory. They watch over different activities, like hunting, fishing, tourism, logging, and ships coming through Gitga'at waters. The Guardians ensure people follow the rules and don't harm the environment.

GOLD: Involved in all Matters Related to Marine and Land Activities

GOLD is an essential group that plays a critical role in protecting and managing the natural resources in the Gitga'at territory. They are committed to preserving the territory for the community's well-being, now and in the future.

Learn more about GOLD and other Oceans and Lands programs on the GFN website.


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