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Election Results: Meet the New Chief and Council

The election is now complete, and the votes have been counted. GFN would like to welcome the new Chief and Councillors as voted by members.


  • Bruce Reece


  • Cameron Hill

  • Chantal Meggison

  • Simone Reece

  • Marven Robinson

Chief and council are an important part of leadership in the community, and GFN is fortunate to have such dedicated individuals take on these responsibilities. Whether adapting to climate change, preserving the environment or pursuing economic growth, employment and educational opportunities for members, these elected leaders are committed to helping the community grow.

According to One Feather, elected candidates will assume office on March 21, 2023.

The Nation would like to acknowledge the contributions of previous chief and council members who have provided leadership for the Gitga'at people.

Election Details

The Gitga'at Nation held a general election from March 1-15, 2023. The purpose was for members to cast votes to determine chief and council members. The election was conducted in accordance with the Gitga'at First Nation Custom Election Code (2019).

The total number of voters was ​​168, a 27% turnout. Of these, the voting methods included the following:

  • Electronic ballots (90 or 53.5%)

  • In-person ballots (50 or 29.7%)

  • Mail-in ballots (28 or 16.6% )

View the election results page on One Feather for a detailed breakdown of votes by ballot type.

The Importance of Voting

Members are encouraged to participate in elections if they wish to have their voices heard regarding candidate choice for Chief and Council. With various in-person, online, and mail voting options, members can choose which method is easiest for them.

Voices Heard

Many Gitga'at members are based outside Hartley Bay in Prince Rupert and other locations in Northern BC. Some members are based in Vancouver and other areas as well.

These locational differences make having various voting methods important, as not everyone can vote in person in Hartley Bay.

Reaching Out to Chief and Council

Members may contact the chief and council members with any questions, concerns, or ideas about creating opportunities for the Nation and its members. Keeping in close contact with members is an essential part of the job for the leadership team, ensuring that any policies reflect members' values.

Contact Chief and Council through the contact us page on the GFN website.


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