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Gitga’at Project Updates: Spring 2024

Several projects are happening in the community right now. As crews make these improvements, we want to keep everyone informed about developments and information that affect the community. 

Below are the latest progress reports for Gitga'at's largest projects.

Daycare Project

The new daycare building, WIL LIIŁGA SU GYIGYET, is finally complete. This beautiful space will be a hub for our little ones to play and learn. Thanks to Tenet Builders, Mackin & Associates Architecture, and Shawna Kiesman for their hard work on this project.

Marine Emergency Response and Research Facility (MERRF)

Progress is underway on the MERRF building, with support walls completed by Tenet Builders. Concrete pouring is set for March, followed by framing. We're one step closer to enhancing our marine emergency response capabilities.


In September, we installed a new water system for the hatchery, but it's not fully working due to missing parts. We'll add protective screens to the intake when the river's water level goes down again. Over the winter and next summer, we'll upgrade the hatchery building, incubation room, and rearing troughs to improve them.

Though there have been some delays with the water intake system, upgrades to the hatchery building are in progress to ensure it's fully operational for the next fish crop in 2024.

Water Security

We started this project in May to ensure Hartley Bay has enough water. We began by building a road to the Upper Lake. Currently, the team is navigating regulatory processes to obtain the necessary permits for the dam and weir construction.

As of January 2024, we've finished building a 5.55 km road that starts near the Water Treatment Plant and goes along the south side of the lakes and river to the Upper Lake.

The road is still closed until we finish more work, such as assessments and getting dam permits. Please don't go on the road unless you're with an NRC employee or someone authorized to do so.

New Sewage Lagoons

The design process started in January and includes environmental investigations and permitting. Due to the preliminary steps we have to take, we do not expect construction to begin in the next two years. Construction timelines will develop as we move forward.

Please help maintain our current septic system by only flushing toilet paper. Throw wipes, diapers, and feminine hygiene products in the trash, and put grease and food waste in the compost.

Barge Ramp

GFN is working with an engineering company to design an extension for the barge ramp. We want to make it possible for barges to dock, load, and unload, no matter the tide. This extension improves accessibility for maritime activities. Funding approval is pending to kickstart construction.

Shoreline Protection Project

The Nation is considering options to address erosion along the shoreline between the cultural centre and the float plane dock to protect assets along this shore. Stay tuned for recommendations in the coming months.

Village Road

As some boardwalk sections near the end of their life, we're exploring replacing them with concrete-topped roads for increased durability and efficiency. 

Using roads in certain places has lots of advantages. It helps protect our boardwalks from getting worn out too quickly, makes moving equipment and supplies around easier, and saves money on building costs. The council will look at the design and routes suggested and decide how to replace the boardwalks that need fixing.

Fuel Station Tank Replacement

Preparations are underway to replace aging fuel tanks at the station, prioritizing safety and environmental protection. 

GFN plans to construct a new fuel tank farm with a stronger containment pad away from the water. The design for the new facility will be finished soon, and we aim to start building the new tank farm in the spring or summer.

Community Upgrades Benefit Members

We appreciate your patience and support throughout these projects. Your involvement and understanding make a huge difference as we work toward enhancing our community's infrastructure and services. Together, we're building a brighter future for the Nation.


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