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CityWest Partnership Brings High Speed Connectivity to Hartley Bay and Beyond

Connection is the foundation of growth whether economic, community, or otherwise. For the Gitga’at First Nation, having high speed internet connectivity enables remote communities only accessible by boat or seaplane to have the same media and communication advantages found in larger urban centres.

A New Company & Improved Technology Brings Opportunity

GFN has partnered with CityWest — an internet, TV, and phone services provider — to form a partnership to bring improved internet technology via subsea cables to isolated communities on BC’s north coast.

The joint venture partnership has resulted in the formation of a new company, CityWest Gitga’at Communications Corp. The purpose of this company is to manage a portion of the Connected Coast project between Hartley Bay and Kitimat.

CityWest Gitga’at Communications Corp is an initiative of both the federal and provincial governments, and is co-managed by both CityWest and the Strathcona Regional District.

Impact of High Speed Connectivity

Specifically, the Connected Coast project will bring high speed internet, TV and phone services to GFN communities, such as Hartley Bay. Many GFN members will be familiar with the benefits of better internet and phone services. However, the partnership will deliver more than just better cell phone, computer and TV experiences.

Profits Reinvested in the Community

As part of the CityWest partnership, part of the profits will be reinvested into Gitga’at communities, ensuring that revenue and opportunities will be available to members for years to come.

New Opportunities for GFN Members

This project will allow GFN members to start and run certain types of business from anywhere — including lucrative industries such as information technology and software. Members will also be able to apply for remote-only jobs and work from home, no matter where they live. Lastly, members will be able to run online businesses without needing a physical presence in a major city.

Growing Together

Going forward, the CityWest Project is a prime example of how collaboration can lead to valued partnerships which result in renewed economic activity which benefits everyone, so we can all grow together.


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