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2023, a Year for Training and Education Preparation

Whether or not you have New Year's resolutions, the fresh start of 2023 is full of opportunity—if you’re willing to go after it. Make this year the one that gives you new skills and knowledge.

Education Goals

What do you need to do to build your career? Perhaps you want to enroll in post-secondary education, figure out funding for your education or training, get some work experience, learn new job skills, or even start and grow your own business.

Mapping out your goals will help you figure out what you need to do to upgrade your career.

Skills and Training to Get the Job You Want

WorkBC offers the Indigenous Skills and Employment Training (ISET) Program to help build the skills needed to find employment. 23 organizations in BC provide ISET programs and services.

Organizations that fall under the ISET program offer skill development—from essential skills to advanced job training and financial aid for those who need it.

ISET funding covers many types of education, including:

  • Upgrading and GED programs

  • Vocational or safety ticket training

  • Courses in the Trades

  • Diploma programs

  • Partial/collaborative support for a degree, masters, and doctorate programs

  • Wage subsidies to specific employers

  • Apprenticeships

  • Summer students

  • Self-employment (some restrictions apply)

This program also recognizes that access to education and the cost of tuition is not the only hurdles to overcome. Financial help through the program can help pay for child care, transportation, books, other fees, equipment, living support, and more.

TRICORP Programs and Opportunities

TRICORP is a lending institution owned by five First Nations. Their goal is to support and finance local entrepreneurs and small businesses, become involved with economic development projects and build out the skill sets of First Nations in Northwestern British Columbia.

TRICORP’s programs may provide funding, training workshops, work experience, and more. There are several programs offered to help as many people as possible. Program topics include:

  • Business development loans

  • Employment and skills training services

  • Indigenous ACE

  • Indigenous women entrepreneurs

  • Blade runners

  • Youth employment and skills training

  • And more

You can never have too much knowledge. Learn which opportunities apply to you, and try to access as many of them as possible.

Is 2023 the Year You Work Toward Your Career Goals?

The first step in any new challenge is usually the hardest. Change can be a large obstacle for some, but getting out of your routine and pushing yourself can pay off with skills and knowledge that place you in a high-demand job.

Learn more about WorkBC resources on their website.


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