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The Gitga’at
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Preserving Lands, Waters, and Traditions

Common Resources

Whether it’s adding your member contact information or applying for a new status card it’s important that we have the most current information for you. Please take a moment to update your member info so the GFN can reach you if necessary.

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Education application forms

Apply for Financial Assistance for Post-Secondary Education

Post-secondary education can be subsidized for students from the community who wish to take courses or do a degree, diploma, or certificate. 

Finding a job can be challenging. That’s why the Nation provides access to work opportunities for members who are ready to start building their careers.

Get Access to Employment Opportunities

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Whether you’re interested in the trades or other fields, there are training programs available to help members acquire skills and knowledge to land an entry-level job or beyond. Check out the available programs and find one that’s a good fit. 

Employment and Training Opportunities for Members 

Employment training opportunities

Find Out What’s Happening in the Community

There is always something going on in the GFN community. Find out what’s happening on projects, cultural outings, and gatherings.

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Feel free to reach out directly anytime with questions, concerns, or ideas. We are always open to hearing from community members and guests. 

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Creating Growth and Opportunity Both Now and in the Future 

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Upcoming Events

Find Out What’s Happening in the Community

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