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Health Services in the Community

Gitga’at people live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, but its remote location has pros and cons. One thing that the Nation has to consider is providing the community with wellness services within the community.

Wellness of a Community

Community wellness services are essential because they help people stay healthy and prevent problems before they start. For example, having doctors, counsellors, and fitness programs nearby makes it easier for people to get the help they need. These services can teach people how to manage stress, eat right, and stay active. 

Providing health and social services within the community offers easier access and removes barriers for those who need help. By offering health and social services in territory, members can get the help they need without travelling to a larger centre. When people have access to wellness services, the whole community becomes healthier.

The Benefits of Treating Health Issues Early

If you notice a minor health issue, do you ignore it and hope it goes away? Or do you see a professional who can start caring for it now?

Treating health issues in the early stages can stop problems from getting worse. When you catch a health issue early, treating it is often easier and less expensive. For example, if you see a nurse or doctor when you first feel sickness or pain, you might get better faster and avoid the illness or injury from becoming worse. Waiting too long can make health issues harder to treat and take longer to recover. 

The same goes for taking care of yourself physically. Getting regular exercise is a great preventative approach to health issues (and it helps alleviate stress, too!).

What Services are Available in Territory?

The Nation works hard to provide health services right in our community. 

Hartley Bay Nursing Station

The Nursing Station is an excellent resource for your health needs, offering a range of services for members. Two remote certified nurses are on staff to take care of your general health management and questions.


The Mobile Primary Care Team (MBCT) consists of a family doctor and nurse practitioner who regularly visits the community for medical assessments, diagnoses, treatment plans, and more. 

Home and community care services are also available. There is a home support worker in the community and a home care nurse who visits regularly.

Dental Services

Four times a year, we have a dentist visit, providing full dental and hygiene services for those who sign up. The cost of many dental services is covered by health benefits (with Pacific Blue Cross) and the First Nation Health Authority (FNHA) dental benefits.

Mental Health Services

Community health professionals work with members to address mental and emotional health issues using a sensitive, culturally relevant approach. A mental health plan is in place for Gitga’at members that emphasizes stress management and other mental health aspects.

Visiting Professionals

Several other health professionals visit Hartley Bay often, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, and pediatricians. 

FNHA Benefits

The First Nation Health Authority (FNHA) has benefits that eligible members may use to obtain the services they need. This plan offers coverage for medical services, prescriptions, medical supplies, patient travel, vision, dental, and more.  

​Fitness Centre

The fitness centre is an excellent resource for managing physical and mental health. Please follow all the facilities’ protocols, including respecting the equipment, cleaning and sanitation, proper attire, age restrictions, and other rules.

Let’s Take Care of Each Other

Providing remote communities with good health services is crucial for improving their members' well-being and quality of life. By addressing both urgent health needs and prevention, the Gitga’at community becomes stronger and healthier.


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