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Gitga'at Development Corporation (GDC): Why This Organization Matters

GDC is Gitga'at's economic arm. This corporation plans, designs, and delivers economic strategies (typically with a joint venture partner) to help the Nation thrive and build wealth within the community.

What is Economic Development?

The economy is about how money is made and spent in a particular place. Community businesses make money by selling goods or services, and they pay their employees to work there. These employees take their pay and spend it at other local businesses. Keeping money like this within the community helps the economy grow because the wealth is generated and spent locally.

Growing economies get attention from investors, which is another way for money to come into a community—such as tourism or joint venture partnerships.

Economic development can take off when a community partners with governments and other organizations to create new, more significant opportunities. That's where GDC comes in.

What Does GDC Do?

GDC oversees the economic development planning and implementation for the Gitga'at community. They are responsible to the community and the territory to create programs, policies, and projects to improve the Nation's economic well-being.

Strong partnerships are essential to the success of GDC's economic development activities. Every joint venture partner collaborating with GDC must align with GFN values, culture, governance, and more, to ensure that projects don't infringe upon what's most important to the community. GDC pursues values-based economic development opportunities that support and value the health and security of the Nation's people, culture, food, land, and waters.

These partnerships and opportunities benefit the local community, creating a more prosperous economy.

Why is GDC Important for Members?

GDC's portfolio of businesses spans various industries to foster economic growth while empowering the community.

This corporation is crucial to growing the local economy while adhering to tradition and cultural practices. The GDC provides many benefits to members, which include:

  • Creating meaningful employment, more jobs, and job variety within Gitga'at territory

  • Providing job readiness resources

  • Generating training opportunities for members

  • Keeping Gitga'at businesses going and helping new ones start up

  • Working on projects that benefit all stakeholders, including the community

Learn More About GDC and the Work They Do

Recently, GDC launched its updated website, which features information about the Nation's economic development partners, current projects, job opportunities, and more. This website is the best place to find the latest updates regarding economic development in Gitga'at territory.

You can find the new website here:


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