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GDC Building Renovations to Improve the Facility for Members

If you have visited the GDC building at 632 3rd Ave West in Prince Rupert lately, you've likely seen contractors at work. The building is being renovated to make better use of the space and provide amenities for members.

GDC Empowers Economic Growth

GDC aims to strengthen the economy while honouring Gitga'at traditions, culture, and values. The Gitga'at Development Corporation makes this happen by partnering with others on projects that help the community, such as infrastructure or environmental projects. Whether creating jobs that matter or starting projects that are good for the environment, everything we do is about making life better for our people.

Types of Building Renovations

In line with our commitment to community well-being, GDC has started renovations. Spearheaded by Prince Rupert Wood and Steel, these upgrades make the building more accessible for everyone. 

The renovations will commence with converting the downstairs area into a new Elder's Centre. Following this, the project will extend to the upper floors, where offices, a boardroom, bathrooms, and the kitchen will undergo modernization.

The anticipated completion timeline set by the contractor is April 2024. Once finalized, the updated GDC building will continue serving as a hub of activity, welcoming community members and visitors alike.

Looking Ahead

With the renovations underway, we look forward to the opportunities afforded to us by the upgrades. From implementing public use policies to facilitating rental agreements, the revitalized building shows GDC's commitment to sustainability and community engagement.

According to GDC's CEO, Joe Bevan, "These updates will extend the life of the building, create a nice place for Elders and community members, and lessen our environmental footprint."

GDC Works in the Community's Best Interests

These building updates are exciting for all who use or visit the GDC facility. Keep an eye out for updates from GDC about when the renovations are finished so you can come to see the changes.


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