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Coastal Nations Fisheries Empowers Communities

Many marine species have drastically reduced after decades of mismanagement, overfishing, climate impacts, and development pressures. To bring these populations back into balance, participating First Nations have created their own fishing corporation: Coastal Nations Fisheries (CNF). 

Who Owns CNF?

CNF's shareholders are the communities that own it. Eight coastal Nations collectively own CNF: Gitga'at, Gitxaała, Haida, Heiltsuk, Kitasoo Xai'xais, Metlakatla, Nuxalk, and Wuikinuxv. This ownership means decisions are made locally, ensuring members' voices are heard and the communities' interests are prioritized. 

For millennia, coastal communities have relied on marine resources. However, financial barriers have often prevented many communities from fully engaging in commercial fisheries. CNF aims to change that narrative for its shareholders. 

Supporting Community Wellbeing

CNF provides opportunities for members at the commercial and community level. Each Nation operates a community-based fishery (CBF). 

CNF supports shareholder Nations by providing money to buy, build, or fix fishing boats and equipment, and get new fishing permits. This creates new jobs and ways to earn money through community-based fisheries and the Coastal Nations Commercial Fisheries company. CNF also offers training and support for current and new fishermen, helping them join the commercial fishing industry. They also work with others to improve how fisheries are managed, monitored, and protected in the North and Central Coasts and Haida Gwaii.

By expanding access to commercial and community-based fishing opportunities, CNF helps provide stable livelihoods for the families of the shareholder Nations. 

Preserving Culture

Fishing is more than an occupation for Coastal Nations—it's deeply woven into their culture and traditions while providing food security. As a wholly-owned First Nations enterprise, CNF aligns with the customs, values, and heritage of the communities involved. 

Discover More about CNF in the Brochure

CNF provides many potential benefits for the Gitga'at First Nation and other shareholder communities. The CNF website is an excellent source of information, and its brochure provides a comprehensive overview of its mission, priorities, and work to enhance economic, social, and community wellbeing in coastal communities like the Gitga'at First Nation. 


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