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CityWest Gitga’at Communications Corp. Update

Last year, CityWest and the Gitga’at Development corporation jointly announced a partnership agreement to improve Internet capabilities for Hartley Bay. The result was the creation of a new company, CityWest Gitga’at Communications Corp. CityWest welcomed by the community with open arms, and after consulting with local leadership, created a build design to improve connectivity in Hartley Bay.

At the end of this project, every community member will have access to CityWest fibre-optic Internet with speeds up to 1,000 megabits per second (Mbps)! This improved connectivity will allow you to stream ultra-high-definition videos without buffering, download large files in minutes, connect multiple devices without interruption, and work from home without slowdowns. You’ll also be able to bundle your Internet with Stream TV and phone services!

In April, CityWest Gitga’at Communications Corp. will place fibre-optic cable from the Connected Coast landing site to the band one’s main communications room. This will prepare the community to move its microwave backbone to a faster, more reliable fiber-optic network. The Connected Coast fibre-optic backbone will allow us to drastically increase the amount of bandwidth to the community, giving users a higher level of service.

Once the Connected Coast’s fibre-optic backbone is in place, Hartley Bay residents and businesses can upgrade to Gitga’at CityWest Internet and TV services. You will get your first month free when you pre-register for services with Gitga’at CityWest! Our Internet packages have no data caps so you can use the Internet without worry.

Shortly after, phone services will be available for residents and businesses through Gitga’at CityWest. Businesses can upgrade to our VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) technology for their phone needs. VOIP will offer businesses a variety of features and more flexibility for users.

You can pre-register for Gitga’at CityWest products and get your first month free at, or by calling us at 1-800-442-8664. Business customers will need to contact us by phone for their orders.

This is a community-owned solution built to serve you. If you are still looking for choices and an alternative to the Gitga’at CityWest services, you can still access Telus services through their microwave, which exists in the community.

Over the summer, we will continue to improve and build out the current network in Hartley Bay. CityWest Gitga’at Communications Corp. will place new fiber-optic cabling to all band-operated structures that require connectivity and upgrade existing infrastructure throughout the community.

By the fall, we plan to fully complete our build, ensuring that all Hartley Bay residents have access to the highest level of connectivity. CityWest Gitga’at Communications Corp. delivers services that match or exceed what is available in urban centres!

In the future, we hope to bring even more services to the community through the Connected Coast project. We’re excited about Hartley Bay's future and look forward to serving your community soon.


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