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Where Members Can Find Training & Resources In 2024

Upgrading your skills is an excellent way to build your career and earn more money. For members who want to get ahead in the work world, plenty of training programs exist to help you. 

Whether you are pursuing employment in the trades, administration, project management, health care, or another industry, you’ll want to develop your skills to the maximum extent possible. Here are some options for training. 


This First Nations-owned lender provides support and financing for local entrepreneurs and small businesses. Additionally, they help with economic development projects and skill building for First Nations in Northwestern British Columbia, including GFN. 

These are two of the programs that TRICORP offers. 

1. The Pre-Employment Program (PESP)

PESP is for members who are 19-64 years of age and receiving on-reserve Income Assistance. The program focuses on employment readiness for each member, which may include the following: 

  • Employment Counselling

  • Training

  • Education Opportunities

  • Life Skills

  • Advocacy

  • Career Exploration

  • Resume/Cover Letter Writing

  • Support Groups, Coaching, Mentoring

  • Community Referrals

2. The Youth Employment and Skills Strategy (YESS) 

YESS is a 13-week program conducted by the federal government that helps members aged 15-30 gain the skills and work experience to thrive in the employment market. 

YESS delivers a broad understanding of the skills necessary for personal and professional success for the first six weeks. After this, there are seven weeks of quality work experience, and each member will collaborate with a job coach who will help outline and navigate the steps toward their chosen type of employment.

Hecate Strait Employment Development Society (HSEDS)  

HSEDS provides support and resources for job-seekers, newcomers, employers, and new entrepreneurs. Their mission is to serve by helping people build connections to reach their employment, training, and settlement goals. 

Here are a couple of their programs designed to help GFN members develop skills:

1. Gear Up

The Gear Up program is a 12-week personal growth, training, and career program offered virtually to help women in Northwest BC reach their career goals. For the first six weeks, participants do group training. The next six weeks focus on personalized career training, followed by the start of a job search.

The program uses a mix of online group meetups, virtual training, independent work, and community-based activities.

2. BladeRunners

BladeRunners is a 10-week personal growth and training program. This program aims to inspire participants to think creatively, come up with ideas, have the confidence to act, lead, and gain skills to succeed at the post-secondary training of their choice.

The BladeRunners program includes:

  • Short-Term Skills Training: Learn 2 Drive, SuperHost, First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, and FoodSafe.

  • Personal and Life Skills: Self-care, nutrition on a budget, personal budgeting, rights and responsibilities, and more.

  • Essential and Employment Skills: Communication, resumes, interview skills, vocabulary, numeracy, and more.

  • Special guests, 3D printing, creative activities, book club, and community engagement.

The BC Centre for Women in The Trades (BCCWITT)

BCCWITT provides various trades training and employment initiatives, including their Leader in Trades program. They aim to increase inclusion in the skilled trades so everyone feels welcome, healthy, respected, and safe. 

BCCWITT is supported by the BC Federation of Labour by delivering connection, funding, and resources. 

LNG Canada

A major employer in Northern BC, LNG Canada, has committed to several workforce development initiatives, including funding. LNG Canada has contributed over $2 million to a Trades Training Fund. These donations have enabled over 1,300 apprenticeship applications to be approved. If you are interested in the trades, this program is worth a look, as you may be able to receive assistance to pursue an apprenticeship. 

Which Program Speaks to You?

GFN members interested in building their careers should check out the opportunities available through programs delivered by these organizations.

2024 is the year for upgrading your skills and building your career, and now is a great time to get started! 


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