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Gitga’at Construction Project Updates: Summer 2023

The construction boom in and around Hartley Bay has Gitga’at members excited. Along with creating job opportunities close to home, these construction projects provide members with needed amenities within the community.

Here are some updates on a few long-term projects happening within Gitga’at territory.

Daycare Building

Construction of the daycare is nearing completion. Crews have worked hard on this building for many months, and many members anticipate the grand opening scheduled for mid-October. Community members are excited to tour the new facility and get an up-close look at the artwork by Shawna Kiesman.

Once operational, the daycare has room for up to 25 children and will offer both daycare and after-school care. Announcements and reminders of the grand opening will start next month or so.

Marine Emergency Response and Research Facility (MERRF)

The MERRF will be the new headquarters for the Gitga’at Emergency Response Team (GERT) and the Gitga’at Oceans and Lands Department (GOLD). Nancy Mackin is the architect on this project, and Tenet Builders, headed by Matt Kidd, has been contracted to build the facility.

To date, the site has been excavated. Next comes the construction of the building’s foundation. Local members will complete the general construction and framing. Based on project timelines, the current estimate for construction completion is approximately 18 months.

Water Security Dam and Weir

The water security project is in motion, which will see the construction of a new dam and weir at Upper Lake. The construction upgrade aims to create a stable water supply for the community so Hartley Bay never runs out of water—even in dry summers.

The project started in May by constructing a road to the Upper Lake, currently around two kilometres. The construction of the road limits visibility due to large vehicles and blasting; avoid Lower Lake activities until crews lift access restrictions.

GFN is working on upgrading various portions of the water treatment system, including replacing the existing water reservoir. Upgrading the water treatment plant and replacing the reservoir will be significantly simplified by accessing the sites from the new Malsey Bay road.

Wastewater Treatment Facility

The new road to Malsey Bay opens up the ability to move forward with a new sewage treatment facility. This construction project aims to replace the community septic tanks in front of the band office instead of treating community wastewater in a series of lagoons near the new road.

GFN has yet to break ground on this project, as the exact location for the facility needs to be determined. Construction details will be available once the plans are finalized.

Construction Projects Fuel Economic Growth

Investing in the community through various projects allows for economic growth, more opportunities, and the ability to care for future generations.

Stay on top of GFN’s construction projects by following the Nation on Facebook or picking up the latest issue of Amhaw.


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