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Introducing the Gitga'at Power Website

There is a new website all about the Gabion River Hydroelectric Project. The aim is to help members and supporters gain an understanding of the project, including its purpose, current stage, and how it will help GFN adapt to climate change. 

Log In For Members-Only Content 

Gitga'at members in Hartley Bay and elsewhere can visit the website and log in to view content reserved for members only. 

Click "Log In" on the home page in the top right corner. On your first visit, click the "Sign Up" text, which will prompt you to enter your name, email, and password for your account. Once you've signed up, you can access this exclusive content.

Why a Hydroelectric Dam? 

Diesel has been burned to generate electricity in Hartley Bay for decades. This creates pollution in the form of greenhouse gas emissions and leaves the community vulnerable to diesel supply changes and price swings. 

Additionally, many members have reported changes in the environment, such as:


  • Lower creek levels

  • Hotter, dryer summers

  • Seaweed takes longer to dry than in previous years

  • Increased rain and water flow in winter

  • Higher levels of drought and wildfire risk in summer

These challenges highlight the importance of developing a water security plan to ensure that everyone, including people, wildlife, and marine life, has sufficient water to meet their needs.   

In addition to water security, achieving climate change goals requires shifting how the Nation generates electricity. A hydroelectric dam using the rainfall of the Hartley Bay area enables the generation of clean power while maintaining control over the water levels in the Gabion River. 

To learn more about the challenges that led to the hydroelectric project, visit the Gitga'at Power website and log in to view members-only content. 

Solving Climate Challenges While Protecting the Environment

The Gitga'at Hydroelectric Project does more than just power generation and water storage. The project creates employment for community members, enabling them to develop valuable knowledge and skills in the employment market. 

The initiative also helps with economic growth due to the required construction work, plus money spent in the local community for supplies and accommodation.   

Where the Project Is Today

As of spring 2023, progress is being made on the access road, and all equipment and supplies are in place to ensure construction stays on track.

What’s Next

  • Weir Construction: plans and designs are being reviewed in detail, including environmental gap analysis. The engineering contractor for the Weir has been selected.

  • Turbine Construction: The turbine construction can begin as soon as the access road is fully built. 

Check the Gitga'at Power website to stay current on the project and know once the underground transmission line is in place, the penstock and powerhouse are ready, licenses receive final approval, and more.

Read the Latest Updates

Want to learn more about Gitga'at Power, the Nation's hydroelectric project for creating clean energy and water security for future generations? 

Visit the Gitga'at Power website, create an account, and log in to view the members-only content. 


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